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gasket graphite grafoil jakarta plat 304

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21 May 2024
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American Samoa
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Gasket graphite grafoil jakarta
Graphite Gasket
Grafoil® Flexible Graphite Grades
GRAFOIL is a standard industrial grade with oxidation / corrosion inhibitors (minimum graphite 98%) containing removable chloride less than 50 ppm and total sulfur content of less than 1000 ppm
    GTA GRAFOIL high purity level (minimum graphite 99.5%) containing chloride which can dissolve less than 50 ppm, and total sulfur less than 630 ppm
    GTJ is a high purity grade based on the GTA Grade. This level contains phosphorus oxide as a passive, inorganic, non-metallic corrosion inhibitor which also increases oxidation resistance by around 125 ° F
    GHE GRAFOIL and thick 316 stainless steel pliers
    GHR GRAFOIL and 316 stainless steel are thick
    GHA Sticks with thermal bonds and carbonates made from GTA
    GHV GRAFOIL and 316 stainless steel 0.015 thick "
    GHT GRAFOIL flexible graphite and C-276 mixed metal 0,002 "
    GHO GRAFOIL and 0.004 "thick alloy C-276 tang
    GTK GRAFOIL GTK Grade has the same purity level as GTB Grade and increases oxidation and / or corrosion resistance similar to GTJ Grade
    GHL Laminated All flexible graphite sheets GRAFOILGTB
    GHW GRAFOIL flexible graphite & 0.0025 "E-Glass Insert
    The GHB GTB sheet is thermally bonded on each side of the polymer interlayer as thick as 0.0015 "(0.0381 mm).
    GHB laminated Grafoil bonded adhesive and thermal from GTB
    GTH Ribbon Pack® GTB corrugated tape supported by Adhesives is approved for oxygen service up to 200 psig
    GTF Ribbon Pack® corrugated GTA tape supported Adhesive is approved for oxygen service up to 200 psig. Contains removable chloride less than 50 ppm
    GTS Grafoil Paste - Paste premium nuclear grade thread sealant made from a mixture of colloids from graphite flakes and proprietary carriers

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