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Karet Elastomer Bearing pad Pekalongan
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Rubber Elastomer Bearing on PekalonganElastomeric Bearing Pads (approximately 60 years) were introduced, Bridge Bearing Rubber Laminated Steel / Elastomer Bearing Pads types have been used in various bridge construction projects and similar structures throughout the world. Elastomeric Bearing Pads or Rubber Elastomer Bridges have been used heavily in various projects in Indonesia, both private projects and government projects. Rubber Bridge Bearings help vertical loads along with slight compression, too likely expansion and contraction come from the joint structure with least resistance and add to the normal rotation of the bridge beam.The overflow of our Clients from Selling Rubber Bearing Bridge contractors throughout Indonesia that require Bridge Rubber Elastomers come from various places in Indonesia, where the Elastomer Bearing Pads are used for the needs of the Bridge project they handle. The model and type of bridge rubber elastomer that we process consists of 2 types, namely Plain Type and Type of Laminated Plate inside.Because of that, Rubber Elastomer Bearing Pads Bridges are specifically designed so as not to be difficult in the installation or installation into the Bridge structure. In addition, joint Bridge Rubber Bearings are lightly installed and maintenance free and can squeeze the estimated budget on the construction of the Bridge. And the main benefit of Rubber Bridge Placemat is to continue the load from the upper structure to the lower structure of the bridge which is useful as a collision barrier that can trigger the upper concrete or the lower member to break or crack. So that it is directly able to support horizontal loads on bridge construction.the use of raw materials on the Bridge Bearing Rubber Pads that we produce use high quality materials together so that the quality of the Elastomeric Bearing Pads that we process is very guaranteed to minimize damage to the bridge. In addition, the producing system is run with a Hydraulic Hot Press system where Rubber Bearing Bridges are produced together with high pressure Vulkasnisasi so that the following Rubber Bearing Pads are very reliable to use in Bridge Construction projects.Other uses of Bridge Bearing Rubber Pads are to reduce the risk of cracking the construction of the Bridge while there is an earthquake or shift in the arrangement of the Bridge. we as Manufacturers of Bridge Rubber Elastomers which have served various kinds of Rubber Bearing Pads from various Contractors throughout Indonesia striving to add the best products for growth in IndonesiaBridge Construction

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