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jakarta placemat rubber beamBridge ConstructionThe function of Elastomer Rubber Bridges / rubber bridge bearings are to minimize damage to bridge structures caused by shifts in one invisible bridge structure and rotation that must be accommodated to protect structures and infrastructure in bridge construction and also serve to provide security that accommodates various movements and rotation as well as supporting the weight of the structure and for sending loads from the span to the bottom buffer platoon. The most common causes of damage to the structure of the bridge components are due to changes in temperature, movement of traffic and braking, shrinkage and crawl, overloading of vehicles passing through the bridge.We provide rubber bridge bearings in various sizes and specifications. Received an order for rubber stopper, buffer and rubber bearing warehouse (rubber bumper).Our bridge bearing rubber has been used on many bridges and infrastructure projects in Indonesia, including the construction of the Suramadu Bridge, and several infrastructure projects in Southeast Asia and the Middle East.Serve ordering and shipping throughout Indonesia.

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