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Gland packing tombo 9040w (081325868706)
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Gland packing button 9040w (081325868706)Cheap Asbestos Gland Packing original Japan■ Construction
These packages are made of aramid fiber.
TOMBO No.9040-W is finished with PTFE and dispersion
heat-resistant lubricant.
TOMBO No.9040-WR finished with PTFE dispersion.
Lubricants are not used.feature
1. 100% free of asbestos.
2. White for lines that cannot use black products.
3. More flexible than TOMBO No.9040 and allows very good
compatibility with the shaft and reduce shaft usage.■ Application
All types of pumps, mixers, dampers, etc. General application
in pulp and paper mills.
TOMBO No.9040-WR is suitable for lubricating lines
not allowed.Max. Temperature of 260 ℃Max. 2MPa pressureMax. Speed ​​of 10 meters / secondMax. PV value of 16.5 MPa ・ m / secWe are a trusted distributor by providing quality goods and pricesWe accept orders from all over Indonesia through expeditions

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