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Gland Packing Pilotpack Beldam 8113
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Gland Packing Pilotpack Beldam 8113PILOTPACK 8113 is an oily packaging, graphite, and non-asbestos. Each high-temperature BCX thread is impregnated with graphite lubricant to provide good, sturdy, even packaging, with a low friction coefficient. It is designed for use in rotary, reciprocating, valve and static equipment, in a variety of product applications, but is primarily designed for hot air and gas to a maximum temperature of 400˚C (750˚F).Application
Specially designed for use in hot and gas air
Suitable for use on abrasive slurries, hydrocarbons, sea water & weak chemicals
Designed to operate in a variety of complete equipment
Easy to install and produce to provide a long operating lifeChemical Compatibility
For a pH range of 3-13, the packaging is chemically inert. For the steam application, please consult with Beldam Crossley.Size Available
All square parts from 3mm (1/8 ") to 25mm (1") are generally available from stock and supplied with different lengths depending on the cross section. Larger and rectangular parts can be re-ordered to order. Packing can also be given in the form of rings that have formed or die Gland Packing GFO

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