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Gland Packing garlock GFO banjarmasin
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Gland GFO packing garlock in banjarmasinGland Packing GFOInfo Our products sell a variety of Garlock 5887 Style, Garlock 98, Garlock 8921-K, Garlock 8917, Garlock G-200. A pride if we can be part of the development of your business and business with various products and services from us. Customer satisfaction is our top priority. Gland packing or Compression packing or packing was created as a sealing device, but because it had to drip, it was more appropriately referred to as a restrictional device. Gland packing was born earlier than MechanicalSeal. Usually made with a braided or woven system with a cross section shapeGland Packing GFO

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