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Gland Packing Garlock 5904 medan
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Gland Packing Garlock 5904 dimedanGland Packing GraphiteStyle 5904 is made of high purity PTFE filament lubricated with mineral oil both in accordance with USDA and FDA standards. It is also very chemically resistant and suitable for use in caustic services.Style 5904 is recommended for use in rotary food processing equipment such as mixer blender drying pumps and stove and acid mining pumps.Rough and non-toxic Ideal for food-resistant processing applications and stable dimensions of wear bending with the most caustic resistance Media materials that comply with USDA requirements and meet FDA Title 21 CFR 172,878 177,1550 178,3570 and 178,3620 a Specifications Min.Temperature 450 F Max.500 F temperature Max. Rotary Pump Pressure 300 PSI Max.Rotary Pump Speed ​​1 500 FPM

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