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gland packing ( chesterton 1765 jakarta )
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gland packing (chesterton 1765 jakarta)Chemical Packing Chemical-Resistant PackingChesterton 1765 is ideal for whitening pumps and other rotary applications that require white , non-staining packaging. Built from a chemical resistant, PTFE material is expanded, this packaging demonstrates a higher speed performance capability than traditional PTFE materials to improve performance in various applications. Chesterton 1765 is ideal for rotary applications where chemical resistance is required and processes must remain non-contaminated, such as ClO2 pumps, paper stocks, and feeders.Welcome to Toko Manuel Jaya Berkat Website. We are a company established since 2009 engaged in the Chesterton And Garlock Gland Packing industry, Klingerit Industrial Packing, PVC Plastic Curtain, Industrial Rubber Sheet Products, PVC Plastic Curtain Blue Clear, PVC Curtain Specialist Accept Installation. We are at Glodok Jaya Lt. Store. 2 Block B No. 9, Jl, Hayam Wuruk, West Jakarta 11180. Find our best products (Safety Equipment, Industrial General Supply, Seals, Rubber Sheet, PVC Tirain, Garlock) with the best quality and price you can get.Gland Packing Teflon

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