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Garlock gland packing 5100 murah bandung
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Specification of Garlock gland packing 5100 murah bandung

Garlock gland packing 5100 cheap in BandungGland Graphite Packing
Gland garlock style 5100 packingGarlock Style 5100 GFO Packing PUMP or VALVE PACKING An industry standard for more than 20 years, our style 5100 uses 100% Gore GFO filament yarn and break-in silicone lubricant. This style is not a commotion when cut, it is easy to install and features long life and water efficiency in rotating equipment applications. This can be utilized through a very wide range of applications including acids, alkalis, aromatic and aliphatic solvents, alcohols, esters, petroleum and synthetic oils, steam, water, solutions of water, air and dry industrial gases. Style 5100 has good thermal conductivity, speed capability, chemical resistance, low friction coefficient, and low coefficient of thermal expansion. Very good for use in pumps, mixers and agitators. And remember, if it doesn't have 100% GFO printed on the packaging, it's not 100% GFO. Specifications: Min. Temperature: -200 (° F) Max. Temperature: 550 (° F) Max. Rotary Pump Pressure: 300 (PSI) Max. Valve Pressure: 2000 (PSI) Max. Rotary Pump Speed: 4,000 (FPM)

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