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selling Epoxy Resin Sheet jakartaFiberglass Sheet
Selling Yellow ResinFiberglass Epoxy Resin Sheet is a sheet product consisting to strengthen insulation materials, glass fibers that are impregnated with thermoset resin, and then multilayer tablets and processed by hot press.Application: 1. Used in high mechanical insulation, electrical and electronic structural parts 2. Used in high performance electrical insulation requirements, such as FPC stiffeners, PCB drilling pads, fiberglass meson, potentiometers, carbon films, printed glass fiber, precision planetary gears (chips grind), precision test plates, electrical (electrical) insulation equipment fixed insulation baffle plates, transformer insulation boards, electrical insulation, grinding teeth, electronic switches, insulation boards and so on.Size: 1000mm x 2000mmThickness: 0.5 mm ~ 50 mm
Sheets & Bars (Rods)

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