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ACRYLIC SHEET MILK IN CIKUPAacrylic is a company engaged in acrylic which is right in Jakarta center, one of the suppliers that serves a variety of custom acrylic according to customer needs while maintaining quality, price and deliver as usual.With support from various aspects including the use of sophisticated machines, competent resources in their fields, all work can be handled by workers who have high creativity so that work can be handled quickly and accurately.We provide various kinds of acrylic such as acrylic sheets of acrylic colors of various sizes from the smallest 122 x 244cm to 2 x 3m in size with the thickness of the material from the thinnest 2mm.Also available are all kinds of custom acrylic for your household and office needs by using acrylic display products, acrylic sign, furniture and other advertise that are tested for quality at very attractive prices. We open until 24 hours

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